Benefits and Savings from Booking in Advance

I've always been more of book-last-minute kind of traveler, but recently I'm discovering the real benefits and savings that can come from booking further in advance.   I think my reluctance to book more than a few months in advance stems from a few things: I have a strong tendency to procrastinateI am trying to be… Continue reading Benefits and Savings from Booking in Advance

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Perisher 2018: The Drive Over

We've made it to Perisher! It was a long drive; it's been a while since I've done a road trip that long.  It was an interesting drive too. The drive took us 14.5 hours plus stops from Adelaide's CBD to Perisher's Ski Tube terminal at Bullocks Flat.  We left straight from work on Friday afternoon,… Continue reading Perisher 2018: The Drive Over