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My Perisher Review

During the first week of September 2018, I took a ski trip with my fiancé to Perisher in the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales, Australia.  Two other couples met us there, with one staying in the same lodge.  The trip was enjoyable, and we had good packed and groomed snow to ski with blue skies… Continue reading My Perisher Review


Perisher Part Two

Skiing On days three and four of our Perisher trip we continued to have great spring skiing conditions.  Fresh snow is wonderful, but a close second is definitely clear blue skies and un-tracked corduroy.  The snow was packed and crisp in the morning, but soft enough we could still get an edge, and it quickly… Continue reading Perisher Part Two


Perisher Part One

I love the first day of a ski trip.  It always reminds me how much I love to ski.  There's really nothing better than being in the mountains in the middle of beautiful scenery feeling your skis run over the snow. The first two days of Perisher have been excellent spring skiing.  The first day… Continue reading Perisher Part One

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Perisher 2018: The Drive Over

We've made it to Perisher! It was a long drive; it's been a while since I've done a road trip that long.  It was an interesting drive too. The drive took us 14.5 hours plus stops from Adelaide's CBD to Perisher's Ski Tube terminal at Bullocks Flat.  We left straight from work on Friday afternoon,… Continue reading Perisher 2018: The Drive Over


Countdown to Perisher 2018

We are going skiing in two weeks! It's been a while since our last set of turns on March 2017, so I'm a little excited.  And, to make it even better Perisher is in the middle of its best season in 14 years!  They've just hit over two metres of snow and have announced that… Continue reading Countdown to Perisher 2018