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Running Injury Update and More Focus

I have exciting news in two parts! I'm back to running - slowly and shorter runs at the moment - but back! My recovery is coming along after my disappointing DNF at the Adelaide Half Marathon. After nearly 1 year of blogging, I like it more and more all the time. I have decided to… Continue reading Running Injury Update and More Focus


Goals and Backing Yourself

One of the hardest things about working towards a goal can be backing yourself. It's also one of the most important. I've said previously that you have to believe a goal is achievable. You also have to be prepared to declare that belief to other people and defend your right to do what is necessary… Continue reading Goals and Backing Yourself


Post-Holiday Fitness

At the start of the year, I decided to set myself a Half Marathon goal but was unsure how my running fitness would be affected by our six week overseas ski holiday. This would have an impact on how quickly I could get into the real work towards achieving my goal, particularly if I lost… Continue reading Post-Holiday Fitness


Half Marathon Training Plan

Today, I started the hard work towards completing a major goal, and I'm kind of excited to begin the process.  I'm feeling a mixture of optimism and determination.  Two months ago, I decided on my running goal for the next two years: break 1:45:00 in the Half Marathon by the end of 2020.  You can… Continue reading Half Marathon Training Plan

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Setting Goals

Last week, in my post about Running Goals, I wrote about setting my running goal for the next two years. For me, goal setting has always been a natural and important process, but it is also one of those skills that I am always trying to refine and improve. Goals drive me to complete tasks,… Continue reading Setting Goals