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Running Injury Update and More Focus

I have exciting news in two parts! I'm back to running - slowly and shorter runs at the moment - but back! My recovery is coming along after my disappointing DNF at the Adelaide Half Marathon. After nearly 1 year of blogging, I like it more and more all the time. I have decided to… Continue reading Running Injury Update and More Focus


New Year, New Look

I'm going to start 2019 off with a slightly shorter post and a thank you. Thank you to everyone who has started following me in 2018 on my blog and on Instagram. In 2018, I challenged myself to post a photo every day on Instagram with no selfies or people and no description of the… Continue reading New Year, New Look

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My Blogging Adventure

I think that life is made up of a series of adventures. Sometimes they are misadventures. Either way, adventures leave you with new knowledge or skills and hopefully a good story.  (Misadventures are particularly good at providing in the story department.) I hope to use this blog to share stories about my adventures traveling, skiing… Continue reading My Blogging Adventure