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Book in Advance for a Cheaper Holiday

I’ve always been more of book-last-minute kind of traveler, but recently I’m discovering that there are real benefits and savings if you make the effort to lock in parts of your holiday further in advance.   I think I have traditionally been reluctant to book a trip more than a few months prior for a few […]

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Sydney: A Quick Trip and Jog

Flying into Sydney for a one-night work trip is a bit strange. You fly in to a world-renowned city and see very little of it; you spend all day in the office, and by the end of they day you are so tired that you just want to crawl into bed.  Generally when I make […]

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Perisher 2018: The Drive Over

We’ve made it to Perisher! And, oh my gosh, what an interesting drive. It was a long drive; 14.5 hours plus stops from Adelaide’s CBD to Perisher’s Ski Tuber terminal at Bullocks Flat. It has been a while since I’ve done a road trip that long, but it had a few odd and amusing moments. […]